Atlantic Ecology undertakes a wide variety of survey, analytical, impact assessment and advisory work relating to terrestrial and marine ornithology and other areas of ecology

The main services we offer are listed below. Through working collaboratively with our co-workers and associates, Atlantic Ecology is also able to organise and co-ordinate ecological work on other animal groups (including marine mammals), plants and habitats. The wide range of services we offer meet clients' requirements, from a project's first inception through to planning, construction and beyond.

Terrestrial surveys

  • Breeding bird surveys of moorland, farmland and woodland;
  • Species-specific surveys, for example divers, raptors, black grouse;
  • Flight activity surveys for wind farms and power line projects;
  • Breeding performance studies;
  • Habitat use and condition studies;
  • Be-spoke research, for example to identify site-specific conservation requirements for key species and their habitats.

  • Marine surveys

  • European Seabirds at Sea (ESAS) surveys;
  • 'MMO' boat-based surveys of marine mammals and basking shark;
  • Coastal and estuarine birds;
  • Behavioural studies, for example diving behaviour of seabirds;
  • Seabird colony counts.

  • Desk studies and advisory

  • Independent expert advice on ornithology matters;
  • Project scoping studies;
  • Design of baseline survey and monitoring programmes;
  • Impact assessment studies, such as EIA, CIA and HRA;
  • GIS sensitivity mapping;
  • Data analyses, including Distance sampling and PVA;
  • Collision risk modelling for wind farms and tidal arrays;
  • Habitat Management Plans (HMP) for windfarms and other developments;
  • Literature review;
  • Report writing, for example technical reports, ornithology sections of Environmental Statements, guidance and review documents.
  • Able to appear as expert ornithology witness in public inquiries.